2009 Otero Prieto Picudo

This delicious red comes directly from the "you may not have heard of this grape" department. "Prieto Picudo" has been almost completely off the radar in the United States, however, Europe has embraced this indigenous Spanish grape for at least the last decade.  It is an easily identifiable grape in the vineyard thanks to its small cone shaped clusters, and deep purple/blue coloring. It is perhaps best known as a blending grape throughout Spain, lending body, richness and a darker character to other varietals, however, we have discovered that it is a terrific cellar candidate producing VERY Bordeaux-like nuances in the cellar.

If you're a Bordeaux fan or just happen to like your reds with a bit more cellar time and bottle complexity, then this is a bottle you shouldn't miss.  In the glass, the deep dark cherry red hue with violet shades introduces the nose of earthy and layered red fruits and blackberries all dancing around hints of vanilla and spice.  The palate is a melange of toasted vanilla with hints of blue violets, spices, cocoa, and licorice. It finishes with a silky and balanced structure with ripe Bordeaux-like tannins that just scream out for a lamb chop or filet of beef. A lot of wine for the money!
$16.99 per bottle
$!5.29 in a 6-pack
$14.44 in a case