At the AWM, we specialize in bringing you high quality wines (at a reasonable price, of course) from independent, often family-run, vignerons. To do this, we travel the world, meeting the growers and producers, deciding what wines are right for our customers, and then working with small, locally-rooted importers and distributors to get the wine across whatever ocean it needs to get across in order to make it to our humble shop. These AWM “Hand-Picked Selections” represent wines exclusive to us that we are proud and excited to be bringing to the Asheville market.

Our focus is on small, authentic producers that practice sustainable farming and clean wine making methods. We prefer wine made by farmers, not wine made by technicians in lab coats!

Since we can eliminate the middle-men (the ones that are usually responsible for jacking up the price), we can offer these wines to you, our customer at the best possible prices, sometimes the best in the country! Don’t miss these great values.

Domaine Gouron Chinon – Superb Cabernet Franc

September 15, 2017

The king of red grapes in the Loire Valley is unquestionably Cabernet Franc. It’s produced in many of the villages throughout the Loire, however, the best known is probably Chinon.  The vineyards in Chinon are in a sub-region of the Touraine and are somewhat of an oddity for the Loire in that almost all of the…

OGV Garnacha – Best Garnacha of the Year

September 8, 2017

This is an absolute show stopper of a Garnacha and may be the best bang for the buck/quality in Spain I’ve ever encountered!. As far as I”m concerned, there is no better Garnacha out there for the money. Co-Op wines are often ignored by the wine press and looked down upon by collectors in favor…

Castell de Sant Pau Cava Brut Nature

August 12, 2017

Not all Cava is created equal… especially in the bargain price range. Good Cava can be a great stand-in for Champagne when the occasion or the budget doesn’t make sense, however, we are too often disappointed by the lack of quality and finesse the lower end Cavas exhibit.  Here’s a tip: look for the words Méthode Traditionnelle on the…

2009 Otero Prieto Picudo

August 4, 2017

This week’s second red wine email special comes directly from the “you may not have heard of this grape” department. “Prieto Picudo” has been almost completely off the radar in the United States, however, Europe has embraced this indigenous Spanish grape for at least the last decade.  It is an easily identifiable grape in the vineyard thanks…

2009 Chateau d’Yquem 375ml

February 20, 2017

Through a special arrangement with the importer and the Château, we are delighted to be able to present a pre-sale offering of the world’s most sought after dessert wine: Château d’Yquem.  The truly exciting part of this offering is that it’s the 2009 vintage!  Also of special note is the fact that this wine is coming directly…

2015 Domaine Palon Vacqueyras – A gem from the South of France

November 10, 2016