Castell de Sant Pau Cava Brut Nature


Not all Cava is created equal... especially in the bargain price range.

Good Cava can be a great stand-in for Champagne when the occasion or the budget doesn't make sense, however, we are too often disappointed by the lack of quality and finesse the lower end Cavas exhibit.  Here's a tip: look for the words Méthode Traditionnelle on the label.  In some cases, it will appear on the label in a slightly different way such as  Méthode Classique', 'Classic Method' or 'Metodo Classico'.  The important take away is that these are all synonymous with 'Methode Champenoise' (Champagne method).

So why is this important to Sparkling Wine lovers?  Simply put, it's an indication of better quality, especially if you can find them in the bargain price range.

The Castell de St Pau is a perfect example of a quality oriented best buy Cava using Methode Champenoise. This crisp and refreshing sparkler is made in the style of the most sought-after grower Champagnes: with no dosage, or added sugar (resulting in the “Brut Nature” designation). A bright floral and yeasty nose opens to a soft and citrusy palate sporting notes of green apple, pie crust and lemon zest.  It has a beautifully dry and balanced finish that has ample round richness thanks to a full 24 months on the lees!.  When we first tasted this gem, we thought it had exceptionally nice richness for no dosage.

Ask for a taste!  While in stock, we'll have this available for you to try before you buy.

Without question, an AWM Best Buy Sparkler!

Now for the price...

Regular price: $12.99 by the bottle
In a 6-pack: $11.69
In a case: $11.04

There isn't a better deal in high-quality Cava anywhere!

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