Free Open House Tasting: Wednesday October 11th


Free Open House Portfolio and Pre-Sale Tasting
Wednesday, October 11th 6-8pm
20 to 30% off all pre-orders!

Take advantage of the 20-30% discount on all preorders! Join us for another amazing Open House Portfolio tasting featuring Craig Baker of Misa Imports. A lot of you will remember Craig from some of the great in-house dinners and tastings of the last couple of years and especially for his hand-picked selections that we prominently feature here at the shop. This will be another great "try before you buy" opportunity featuring wines from all over France, including a terrific new arrival from Champagne. Of course, we can also expect Craig to have a few surprises up his sleeve.

Also joining us will be former Awm staff member turned importer Kate Stamps. Kate's new importing company, "Rise over Run" will definitely be one to keep an eye on! For the Open House Tasting, she'll be featuring an exclusive look at her entire new lineup of imports from the Savoie in France. She'll also be featuring wines of T. Edwards, a prominent New York importer.

Don't miss this special opportunity to taste and compare world-class wines while enjoying some of the best discounts of the year! We'll have over 40 wines to choose from!