Free Saturday Tasting: Italian Gems From Portovino Imports


Free Saturday Tasting 2-5pm.
Portovino Imports with Mark Middlebrook

Join us Saturday between 2 and 5pm for a special tasting with Mark Middlebrook,  co-owner of Portovino Imports.Imagine a big old farm table, where lots of wines from various corners of Italy are spread out. All around that table are wine lovers: an Alpine grower rescuing an obscure Nebbiolo clone among centuries-old vines… a young sommelier on his or her first trip to Italy… a couple opening a wine that marks a place and time for them and speaks of a territorio, vintage, and grower.  You’re getting the idea about Portovino.The Portovino Philosophy: ” We look for local wines from growers with a light step in the vineyard and a light touch in the cantina. We spend time with producers in the vineyard and cantina (sometimes monthly) so we can understand accurately what’s going on and communicate that transparency to you.

“Alice Prosecco Brut ‘Doro’ $22.99
FUSO21 Le Salse Verdicchio di Matelica – $12.99
Vigneti Massa Rosato ‘Terra: Sic Est’ – $19.99
Cascina Val del Prete Barbera d’Alba ‘Serra de’ Gatti’ – $21.99All Tasting wines are 10% off by the bottle,  6-11 bottles 15% off and 20% off by the case during the tasting event.