Free Saturday Tasting March 26th, 2-5pm

Is spring really here?  If the pollen is any indication then the answer is a resounding yes!  This week’s Free Saturday Tasting features some wines perfect for any spring day and they’re also perfect wines to start off your Holiday weekend.  They’ll make perfect starters and greeters for your weekend guests and we would love any of them while sitting on the porch enjoying a spring breeze.  Stop in an say hello!


Domaine des Herbauges Chardonnay:  Ripe and filled with lovely aromas and flavors of ripe pears, quince, and apples, this is a joy to drink. Medium-bodied, fresh and showing great purity, this wine is nicely fruit-driven and ends on a refreshingly clean note. Great with cheeses, seafood or fowl, this works great by itself too.  $13.99 per bottle, today in a case: $11.19

Wolfberger Pinot Blanc:  Today’s second white is also 100% un-oaked keeping it fresh and lively.  Juicy stone fruit notes blend with a perfect balance of acidity to provide a wine with richer body but great lift.  $14.99 per bottle, today in a case: $11.99

Domaine de Paris Rosé:  Another fine example of the excellent Rosé coming from the new vintage in Europe.  This one features raspberry and wild strawberry notes wrapped up in a creamy yet still crisp envelope.  An instant staff favorite!  $12.99 per bottle, today in a case: $10.39

Château Cornut Tradition: You may remember this terrific medium bodied red from Costières de Nîmes as Château Guiot.  This charming cuvée from  offers juicy plum and cherry flavors spiced with roasted herbs and pepper. It is distinguished by its polished, savory texture and a full, rich finish. Ageing in stainless steel and cement preserves the wine’s fresh and lively character.  $11.99 per bottle, today in a case: $9.59