Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays to all and as we approach the start of our 21st. year we want to thank all of our customers present, past, and future who have allowed us the success that we have had and hope to continue!

Holiday Hours:
We will be open on Sunday, Dec. 22nd. – 1 to 5 pm
We will be closing early on Christmas Eve at 5 pm
and will be closed for Christmas Day and Boxing Day (12/25/2013 and 12/26/2013). Merry Christmas!
We will re- open with regular hours on Friday, Dec. 27th and Saturday, Dec. 28th.

We also will be open on Sunday, Dec. 29th. – 1 to 5 pm
We will be closing early on New Year’s Eve at 5pm and will be closed for New Year’s Day. Happy New Year!
We will  re-open with regular business hours on Thursday, Jan. 2nd., 2014


When we started the Asheville Wine Market, the prospect for authentic, individual wines was bright but not all blissful as the challenge from large industrial style wines was stronger than ever. The desire of individual growers around the wine world to excel within their respective locales against the  great odds of the marketplace and the constant pressure of the homogenized “taste profile” wines of the large “industry” wines was a cause that we felt drawn to and embraced because of the uniqueness of the wines and their distinctive tastes. We wanted Chianti to taste like Chianti, with elegant spicy cherry notes – not like Cabernet , Chablis to be from Chablis and taste minerally, racy and taut – not like buttered popcorn, Bordeaux to be a wine of finesse and elegance with age-ability – not some Cabernet or Merlot on steroids. We welcomed the new quality-driven producers from our southern neighbors, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa as well as the qualitative changes in California, Washington, and Oregon and we will continue to be on the lookout for those producers bringing wines that are authentic, exhibiting a sense of place, and original inspiration -not an ersatz knock-off. So with 2014 soon to be reality we look forward to seeing you and showing you the fruits of our labor of love, and once again thanks for making it all possible!