Top 10 Reasons you should be drinking Dry Rosé:



Go ahead, dip your toes in the Pink Pool, you know you want to!  It’s no secret we love dry Rosé.  We’re still on a mission to make converts to the pink drink. Stop in and we’ll be delighted to help you navigate the wonderful pink ocean of dry Rosé.

10. Your friends will thank you.
Once they taste the clean dry freshness, they will thank you for the introduction.

9. You can drink Rosé and still be cool / hip.
Actually, it will probably help to elevate your hipness to a new level. Good dry Rosé is universally appreciated by wine aficionados and foodies.

8. It’s super reasonably priced.
One of the benefits of not being entirely “discovered” is the reasonable price neighborhood Rosé occupies.  Great dry Rosé can be had for a song.  $10-15 is the norm.  Bonus is that when you run across the occasional Rosé  that gets into the mid $20s, it can be absolutely sublime, and the quality price ratio is almost always in the consumer’s favor. A good wine shop will hunt out the best of the higher priced offerings and reject the over priced losers in the fancy bottles.

7. Ham, anything Ham.
Baked ham, ham sandwiches, Prosciutto, Jamon Serrano… any kind of ham loves dry Rosé.  Reds tend to be too aggressive and the tannins just don’t work.  With the exception of Alsace, whites tend to just get lost.  Rosé  is the perfect fit.

6. It’s a great thirst quencher.
Sitting on the patio, riding the Purple Bus downtown, a starter before dinner or a glass after an invigorating hike… clean, refreshing dry Rosé goes where reds just can’t in warmer weather.

5.  Thanksgiving.
It’s not quite the time of year when we think of Thanksgiving, but we’ll plant the seed anyways for later in the year.  We always have a bottle of Rosé on the table for Thanksgiving.  Tavel is an especially great match since it’s generally darker, richer and bolder.  Tavels are also great in the spring and summer with bolder cuisines and when you want a more “red wine like” Rosé .

4.  Foods with Saffron.
This is a match made in heaven!  Think Paella, Arroz con Pollo, Bouillabaisse, Cioppino. These saffron infused dishes scream for a great dry Rosé and you’ll be amazed at the pairing. It’s no accident that a good Spanish restaurant will suggest Rosé with Paella!

3.  Seafood, and especially Shrimp and Grits.
When you don’t feel like white and the red’s may be just a bit beefy for that seafood dish you’re making, the dry Rosé will be just what you need to make the dish shine!

2.  BBQ and Cajun
While an Austrian Zweigelt would be one of the red exceptions, we’re almost always reaching for a Rosé with BBQ and Cajun.  Especially if there’s any heat involved.

1.  They’re delicious!
Simply put, they’re wonderful wines that deserve a lot more attention.