Trevini Sangiovese – Easily the best 8 Bucks in the shop

Trevini Sangiovese
"The best 8 Bucks in the Shop!" ...says Larry...

The Trevini is back in stock!

A while ago, we had a great little wine we nicknamed "Tomato Man".  Its great quality, easy-going character, and ease on the pocketbook elevated it to instant hit status with customers and staff.  If you have fond recollections of the Tomato Man, or if you're just looking for the most drinkable wine available for under $8, then look no further!  No joke, this was one of our top selling wines of 2017!

Haven't tried a bottle yet?  Wondering what it's like...
Fire up some pasta with red sauce, pop in a Perry Como or Louis Prima 8-Track and this little gem of a wine will take you right back to your favorite red-Checkered Table Cloth Italian Restaurant. Like that restaurant, it's simple and uncomplicated but oh so good! It's all about quaff-able bright red fruit and while it's a no-brainer with pasta and pizza, it would also do a great job in extinguishing the flames of spicy BBQ or Cajun. Grab a case of this Italian gem... it should just fit in the trunk of your red Fiat.

Regular price:$9.99, however, it's pretty much on permanent sale 20% off  at $7.99 per bottle
(We were briefly out of stock for a week or so in January. A regular supply is now available)